– executive researching: our company utilizes market analysis to find the best loyal specialists delivering reports and organizing the proper recruiting process. We would find exclusive talents matching exactly your needs.
– hiring top management: not every company has necessary resources to select and interview employees on top management positions as it envisages greater responsibility. For us, it’s a usual practice.
– technical & soft skills interviewing: gain our specialists that would check up both technical fluency and soft skills of your developer candidates to get the full profile of the applicants. Get to know them well before making an offer!
– mass candidates selection & hiring: you need to hire a whole team? Find this activity effective with our services. We manage the mass recruitment of personnel hiring entire teams of cohesive workers with proper skills.
– staff-hunting: being quick as a lightning, our acute recruiters will close your positions in the shortest time. Our process is designed so that the positions are closed for two weeks. Don’t waste your time on empty searches!
– relocation: we are actively working with clients from other countries. Having an understanding of the features of different markets in various countries we apply these skills to finding you a job in the country you need.