– technical & soft skills training: while acquiring some technical knowledge people sometimes forget about soft skills (communication and individual characteristics), which nevertheless play an important role. We will ensure the balance between technical and soft skills for the best result.
– english lessons: business relations with foreign IT companies require knowledge of languages. English is, in this respect, the most universal and applicable. Our training center will help you master both technical and business English in a most enjoyable manner without dull and boring tasks.
– certifications: of course, we will give you a certificate of the course completion. But first and foremost, you will get thorough knowledge and experience. One more point: if you are a diligent person in taking our training we will offer you work in our center or recommend you to another worthy IT company.
– it trainings for managers: do you have some undesirable traits like an inability to organize time, self-doubt, etc.? Don’t worry, as we’ll help you raise the level of communication in the team, become a real leader, lead & inspire, and take to the development sphere like a duck to water.